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Essentials of a Quality Billiard Lamp Or Pool Table Light

Adequate and proper lighting for your billiard table is key if you want to make billiard shots up to caliber. Poor lighting can affect a pool player in a number of ways, including the infamous “shadow casting,” which can distort angles and play tricks on a shooter’s eyes. And of course it might simply be too dark to see. When considering billiard lamps, one must not only consider what is best for the pool table, but what will illuminate the rest of the billiard room, as well.

Billiard table lamps are most commonly anchored to the ceiling right above the center of the billiard table. Your pool table light should be at least three feet above the surface (for a person six feet tall, that is about even with the bridge of your nose) of your billiard table for a couple of reasons. First, you want light to shine evenly across the table. Hanging a pool table lamp too low will cause the billiard table to be lighted unevenly, creating light pockets and shadows. Also, if you are a taller person, you run the risk of smacking your head on the table light during shots. This can be more dangerous than you think, especially if you have a Tiffany billiard lamp or stained glass table lights.

You may choose to hang different sized billiard table lamps in other places in your billiard room, also. The reason behind placing a pool table light directly above the table is to keep shadows from being cast at uneven angles. But billiard lamps come in a ton of different sizes and styles. Usually, a 40 inch billiard lamp, or set of three billiard lights, are used over a billiard table. However, a single, 16 inch, Tiffany billiard table lamp looks nice over a pub table and matching bar stools in an adjacent corner, or a double lamp would light up a small bar nicely without over-illuminating the rest of the billiard room.

Billiard table lamps come in a number of colors, designs, and materials. When buying a billiard lamp, try to find a balance between quality, practicality, aesthetic traits, and cost. Many types of material are available, including plastic, metal, glass, stained glass, Tiffany style, and more. Many lampshade styles are out there to choose from, and different kinds of lighting are available, including incandescent, fluorescent, and so on.

Billiard table lights are usually attached to the ceiling above the pool table. If you have a basement billiard room, attach hooks into the crossbeams on your ceiling. Installation of the pool table light will likely require the use of light tools and a few pieces of hardware. Chains and reinforced steel bolts are commonly used, as chains can be easily adjusted in terms of height and distance. A general understanding of electrical work is not necessarily required, but recommended, as you are playing with electricity. Good luck with finding what you need, and enjoy your billiard room!